Expanding your business to China is a unique opportunity for substantial growth. But when do you decide to sell cross border? What are the challenges and what is your plan of approach? A well thought out strategy is crucial to success.

Consulting & Market Entry

The sales potential in China is massive. But market entry is not easy. Expert advice and the right preparation and planning is critical. We have the specialised market knowledge and experience to guide you on every step of your cross border venture.

  • Market Research & Consumer Insight
  • Competitor Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Feasibility Study, Sales Forecast & Cost Assessment

Business Case

Having a complete, realistic picture of all the costs with an accurate revenue forecast is vital for making the right strategic decisions. Found your cross border investments on proven expert knowledge and begin with the end in mind.

  • Ambition Level, Scope, Requirements & Risk Analysis
  • Cost Assessment, Profit & Loss Projection
  • Marketing, E-Commerce & Operations Plan

Vendor Sourcing & Selection

Should you prefer not to work with our one-stop-solution, we also function as China E-Commerce Lead Agency to manage all involved partners. We can analyse, source and select the right local partners for your specific needs. Including RFP documents and vendor selection process management.

  • Fulfilment & Carrier Vendor Screening
  • Warehousing, Logistics & Fulfilment / Carrier Vendor Sourcing & Screening
  • Vendor SWOT Analysis & Recommendation
  • Development of RFP Documents & Selection Process Management

E-Commerce Strategy & Consulting

We are full service e-commerce experts and deliver world class web shop solutions. From design & technology to hosting and e-commerce systems. But everything starts with a proven e-commerce strategy.

  • Identity, Proposition, USP's & Channel Strategy
  • Solution Architecture
  • Platform & Technology Selection
  • Implementation Plan

Marketing Strategy

Having a web store in China is only as effective as the traffic volume the website receives. With a comprehensive China marketing strategy we ensure you get the maximum exposure and traffic volume with the best value for money.

  • Channel Strategy
  • Promotion Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Analytics & Reporting

Chinese law can differ considerably from Western laws and regulations. Our legal team has the specialised cross border expertise to ensure your business launch in China is successful.

  • Trademarks & Company Registrations
  • CDFA - CIQ Licenses
  • ICP License
  • Import Regulations & Licensing

Project Management

Effective project management is key to ensuring your cross border venture is delivered on time and within budget. As full service partner we also deliver project management services for both the initial project as also the operations management.

  • Project Management
  • Online Marketing Management
  • Operations Management


Omnichannel is the new reality for modern retailers. Delivering a unified customer experience is not easy. We ensure that your omnichannel strategy is implemented and works effectively. Also in China.

  • Sales Channel Synchronisation
  • Mobile & Apps
  • Online stores (incl. 3rd party Channels)
  • Offline Stores (real estate)