Marketing in a foreign country is always a challenge, especially in a country with a completely different culture, language and IT landscape. When it comes to China; we know exactly which Channels, Strategies and Tools to use and how to use them. From Digital Marketing Strategy to Marketing Operations outsourcing we guarantee the optimal solution for maximum Exposure, Traffic and Conversion.

Marketing & Promotion Plan

Successful online sales starts with a custom marketing plan. We create the most effective online marketing and channel strategy unique for your business in China. For optimal budget spend and maximum results.

  • (Online) Marketing Plan
  • Channel Strategy
  • Marketing Costs & Traffic Volume Assessment
  • Marketing Software & Tools Advice

Market Places & Channels

Market places in China account for the majority of the online traffic market share. The right channel strategy is key to maximising your cross border growth potential. We create your brand shop and optimise your presence on the following channels:

  • Tmall
  • JD
  • Alibaba
  • Taobao

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

For your Chinese customers, Baidu (the Chinese Google) is the place they start their customer journey. Using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) we optimise your webshop and websites making sure they achieve a high ranking for keywords relevant to your products & services.

  • Keyword Analysis
  • SEO Audit & Reports
  • SEO - Code & Content Optimisation
  • Link Building

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

For optimum visibility and conversion on Baidu, a custom advertising strategy with efficient execution and management is essential. We set up, run and maintain your SEA for China. Always optimising and tuning for maximum return on investment.

  • Baidu SEA Setup & Optimisation
  • Baidu SEA Campaigns
  • SEA Operations & Maintenance
  • SEA Reports

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The world’s largest social media market is very different from its counterpart in the West. We know the best ingredients and platforms for a winning strategy. As well as providing full service operations, custom made campaigns and SM account maintenance.

  • WeChat (like WhatsApp)
  • Sina Weibo (like Twitter)
  • QZone & RenRen (like Facebook)
  • Youku & Tudou (like YouTube)

Affiliate Marketing

China Affiliate Marketing is the single most powerful online performance marketing tool when managed correctly. Our China Affiliate Marketing Services ensure your business benefits from maximum exposure on the vast Chinese affiliate networks and platforms.

  • China Competitor Analysis
  • Affiliate Content (banners, e-mails, copy, etc.)
  • Affiliate Recruiting, Selection & Approval
  • Execution, Monitoring, Optimisation & Reporting

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL'S)

Key Opinion Leaders are prominent bloggers, Social Media influencers and celebrities with an extensive personal network of followers. We have a well established network of KOL's which we can use for very fast and effective product promotion and market awareness.

  • KOL Strategy
  • Campaign Design & Content
  • KOL Engagement & Contracting
  • Response Interaction & Follow up


You cannot manage what you don't measure. We ensure analytics are set up and marketing results are monitored closely and performance is optimised and tuned for the best possible results. Regular marketing & campaign reports are standard practice.

  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google E-Commerce & Tag Manager Setup
  • Marketing Performance Reporting
  • ROI & Cost per Sale Assessment