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We are a full service cross border agency specialised in E-Commerce in China. We provide all the specialised services you need to launch and grow your business in the biggest and fastest growing market in the world. All China E-Commerce services under one roof from Webshop Development & Marketing to Operations & Logistics. We deliver guaranteed results and peace of mind.

Nestlé Nan

Since 1867, Nestlé’s philosophy and research has focused on making their products the most nutritious they can be. Nestlé Nan is specialised in nutrition for babies as well as young children.


For over 100 years, Garnier has created many innovative and accessible cosmetics, combining natural ingredients, covering all types of beauty needs with products in hair care, styling, coloration.

Time to expand to China

China is by far the biggest e-commerce market in the world and is growing fast!
With over 600 million online shoppers; China offers western brands a unique, unprecedented opportunity for substantial business growth.

Western brands in high demand

Western products are very popular in China because of the higher standard of quality compared to Chinese products. And the Chinese love to shop online!
In recent years China has taken measures to stimulate cross border e-commerce with the West. Such as setting up free trade areas and easing customs procedures. Chinese e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, JD and Tmall also like working with US and European brands and can therefore be a very effective gateway to the Chinese market.

Successful entry is not easy

There is a large interest to enter the Chinese market. But entering is complicated. China has its very own digital landscape and there is a lot more to successful cross border e-commerce than just a translated web shop. Standard Western online strategies cannot simply be replicated for China.

Ecom Horizons is a proven Cross Border specialist providing everything you need to start and to be successful in China. Let's discover your growth potential in China!

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