Feasibility Study


Feasibility Study

When you start investing, you want to know everything that is possible of the country you are investing in. How about the market? And how much does the foreign consumer differ from yours? But also what is it going to cost you, what can you expect in the long run and what choices can you make best?

This and more, is what you can find in our Feasibility Study. The Feasibility Study is the start of your course. We conduct extensive market research, provide comprehensive consumer and competition analysis, see which logistics solution is best for you and much more. Our colleagues in The Netherlands and abroad will work for you and make a fully customized Feasibility Study, taking into account your specific business needs.

Certified coaching company
Ecom Horizons is a certified coaching company, registered with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (NEA). This agency encourages enterprising Netherlands in international business, through grants, finding business partners, knowledge and compliance with laws and regulations. In addition, the NEA works on behalf of the European Union. Because we are certified by the NEA as a coaching company, we have extensive international expertise that is not just focused on one specific country, region or continent. We focus on the world.

There are several grants you can use when you are expanding abroad. Let us know what your plans are and what we can do for you, so you can focus on what matters to you and your business.

In order to make use of these previously mentioned grants, there are conditions to be met. These conditions vary per country.
Please contact us for more information about the grants and these conditions. We will be happy to assist.

Coaching Program

Step 1
We start with an intake interview to find out what your wishes and possibilities are. The coaching program is conducted by our experienced business consultants and together we explore the possibilities and risks abroad. Then we will start working with our colleagues abroad for your Feasibility Study. This Feasibility Study is tailored to your specific wishes and possibilities.

Step 2
In the Feasibility Study, the different countries are discussed and their market analysed. In addition, an extensive consumer and competition analysis is drawn up. Your marketing mix will be reviewed in detail and advice will be given on how to adapt it to the market in which you want to operate. It discusses which options there are in logistics and which ones are recommended, which option suits your company best. Ofcourse several analyses and recommendations are made for you. In addition, a calculated forecast can not be missed.

We work with you on a concrete action plan for an internationalisation strategy. Together we investigate your motivations, ambitions and distinctiveness and, of course, we conclude with an internal analysis and recommendations.